Monday, December 4, 2006

Christians Condemn Homosexuality?

Why do most religions accept homosexuals and their lifestyles but still christians can't?

Sunday, December 3, 2006

World AIDs

These fabulous dresses were made in support for World AIDs and used to raise AIDs awareness, but some people think that they are funny (losers) but heres some pics of them.
(condoms are for sailors, cause they go from port to port)(i love tre cool)

My boyfriend

The most beautifully amazing boy ever. The best part is that were so alike.
I was wondering how he lived so close and I'd never seen him before but it turned out that he moved here from Louisiana which is uber cool.
But yeh all my friends are so very happy for me and everything except his bitchy sister won't stop calling him a whore and she just needs to get over herself.

Explaining Gay

Today I explained what being gay meant to my little 5 year old brother using this Iz doll.

I know you're probably thinking "How in the hell does this have anything to do with being gay?"
Well, the mcdonalds version off the toy (oh how we all love mcdonalds) has a light-up nose when you press the belly. So I was making the two of them kiss and when they would kiss I'd press the belly and make their nose light-up and he was laughing so hard. Then I said,
"Oh, they love each other so much that they can't stop kissing." I asked him which one was a boy and he pointed to one, then his twin said the other one was the boy. My brother said no they can't both be boys, boys dont love each other. I told him, "sometimes they do."

And thats how i related the Iz to being gay.


Well christmas is coming up and just north of here we already have freezing 32 temperatures and I'm excited. I'm praying we see snow again this christmas if were lucky.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed and maybe we'll see some white down here in Texas again.

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p.s.(this is not me in the pic)